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ELODAO Association

The ELODAO Association brings together the relationships of traditional finance with the decentralized finance value chain, developing a governance model based on the democratic features provided by blockchain technology, and on the own dynamism within the sector.

The main purposes of ELODAO Association are:

Coordinating alliances for the development of technological platform ELODAO based on blockchain technology.

Develop cooperation programs and projects for the innovation of technological platform. ELODAO.

ELODAO is made up of ELOCOIN, a utility token which enables to participate in the platform, and develops the fair mining of the governance ELODAO TOKEN, by taking part in the ELODAO DAPP.

ELODAO TOKEN may be obtained by associated and non-associated members depending on their participation in the different projects.


IDOs are a fundraising method whereby a project launches a token or a crypto asset, through a decentralized exchange on the blockchain

ELODAO promotes governance and cooperation for IDO lines such as:


Investments in Renewable Energies that promote the reduction of the carbon footprint, thus allowing its reduction, and an effective fight against the balance of emissions generated by the blockchain in the present and future moment.


Investments, mainly, within the framework of Sustainable Agriculture, Productive Infrastructures, Circular Mining and Tourism, which generate a significant local impact on employment, fair trade and longterm sustainability.


Transformation of health, life, mobility, gaming, leisure services ... that can be Tokenized and be available to users, investors or holders on the Blockchain.

FINANCES for development

Supporting financing structure of emerging regions (i.e. LATAM ELO program). Investment setting in Latin America through the tokenization of emblematic projects matching traditional investment markets guarantees.

ELODAO manages governance of the model of PERPETUALS ELO within the system of security token ELOCOIN.

Likewise, ELODAO manages Floating ELO, which allow channeling the investments of ELODAO's IDO programs, and carry out the developments envisaged in the roadmap of ELOCOIN.

ELODAO members

Entities making up the value chain, which can join ELODAO, are:


Online platforms (CEXs and DEXs) performing cryptoasset exchanges, who wish to have COORDINATED relationships with ELODAO.


Public or private entities, Tech Institutes, Business Clusters aiming to DEVELOP their DeFi or crypto-related project in association with ELODAO.


Providers of services which can be TOKENIZED by us within the governance model, who wish to COORDINATE their offer with ELODAO.


Financial Institutions, Investment Funds & Banking, Public and Private Investors, Credit Platforms, ETFs... who wish to promote their investment or channel their clients in COORDINATION with ELODAO.


Private investors who hold an IMPORTANT volume of tokens within ELODAO platform, who wish to channel their investments in a COORDINATED manner with ELODAO.

We welcome everyone to join ELODAO Association, whether you are a legal entity or an individual. To do so, you must complete the ADMISSION procedure.

If you want to join, you will have to download the form you will find below, fill it out, sign it and send it to info@elodao.org


You must download the form, fill it out, sign it and send it to info@elodao.org

If you want more information, you can submit the form.

ELODAO in the media

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